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Client Testimonials

"Doug Atkinson provided exceptional service and results for the criminal case against me. He was always eager to personally assist me with my concerns, and his staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I received great feedback regarding his past results within the court system. The case against me was dismissed by a Grand Jury. I would not hesitate in recommending Doug Atkinson for legal representation."

- A Previous Client

"I sent over a dozen replies to ALR Attorneys. Got a few calls but they was MORE about their ridiculous and outrageous fees. And didn't even bother to read my "Statement of Facts" I sent. It was ALL about their ARROGANCE and self absorb, self appointed authority , riding on what they perceived to be their high horse. But I clearly saw their so called "high horse" was a mere miniature horse. Not even on the stature of a Shetland pony. Plus they was all about hype and fear. THEN, Mr. Atkinson called me on a Sunday evening from his cell phone. First thing I asked him was "did you read my statement". Without hesitation he quoted it almost word by word and captured all points I made. I knew right away Mr. Atkinson was worth listening too. Not because he agreed with my statement, (even though he did) nor was I expecting him too. I simply wanted to know if an Attorney wanting me to retained him. Would be humble and smart enough to listen and consider my point of view. Mr. Atkinson legal opinion of my case was as matter of fact. Rather than over hype or fear base tactics to get my retainer. I chose Mr, Atkinson over another Attorney willing to take less money, but was not forthright in telling me. Fee quoted would only be for telephone hearing rather than live hearing. Mr. Atkinson was forthright and why he advised me live hearing would be more advantageous. His Paralegal, Ms. Sylvia Flores is the "standard" of attention to detail. That is so important in legal representation. Ms. Fores answered my questions without coming across as "you are taking up my precious time". As you may find in many attorney firms. NOW, for the best! Not only did Mr. Atkinson WIN my ALR case, preventing the suspension of my drivers license for 6 months. He got an dismissal of case 10 days BEFORE the schedule hearing! If you want to win, go with a WINNER!"

- Tim

"Doug did a wonderful job representing my son. He kept us informed and I always felt as if he was aggressive and made sure he didn't settle on our behalf. I would recommend Doug to friends and family. We got a reduced charge instead of a DUI."

- Previous Client

"My wife and I hired Doug Atkinson for a complicated and unusual case, attempting to get my wife removed from the TX State Sex Offender Registry. This process is seldom successful, especially in a conservative county and we had few expectations of winning but we believed we were right and we had to try. Doug, Shannon and staff did an exemplary job, guiding us through a complicated process, doing research, preparing us for a hearing. Everything presented to the judge was letter perfect and Doug's presentation of our case was thorough. We had prepared ourselves to be disappointed and were overjoyed and overwhelmed when the judge ruled in our favor! To us, this was nothing short of a miracle and it would have never happened if Doug hadn't believed in us and our case and hadn't given it such great attention. I can't express how thankful we are... and how strongly we recommend Doug Atkinson and his staff. When you need someone to fight a legal battle for you... these are the people you want in your corner."


"I've use Doug numerous times for traffic citations I've received and he worked diligently to get them dismissed or deferred adjudication granted."

- Previous Client

"Doug Atkinson took great care of my case and I really felt as though he cared about how the case would affect my life and well being. He was very aggressive and did not settle on less than the best for me. He was very honest from day 1 and dedicated to achieving results WE wanted! I am truly indebted and would recommend him to anyone!"

- TM

"Doug is well respected and highly regarded within the Judicial System of Montgomery County. He was determined to get me the best possible results in my case and kept fighting down to the last minute to do so. He was able to successfully convince the District Attorney to grant a deal that was previously denied due to the specifics of my case. Nevertheless, Doug's tireless work ethic and determination paid off as he achieved the desired outcome for my case. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone needing a DWI/DUI lawyer, as he is truly the best choice."

- Previous Client

"He was available when I needed him, he answered all my questions, and more importantly he handled my case great and my probation was not revoked so I didn't have to go to jail."

- Jessica

"Not only was Mr. Atkinson helpful, but his entire staff made my case as stress free as possible. Any time I called with a question it was addressed as soon as possible and the entire staff seemed knowledgeable and understanding."

- Previous Client

"I could not express how happy I was to walk into dougs office. The whole team and he really made it happen. They got my case dismissed. I wouldn't trust any other lawyers and highly recommend you giving Doug your trust to work with your case. I had low hopes of winning anything. But doug and his team are very good at what they do. I am truly blessed for the outcome. Thanks Doug and everyone at Atkinson Law. You guys are the best."

- Edmund

"There aren't enough great things I can say about Doug. We have had him handle a few cases for us. This man is always on your case. He eats, sleeps and thinks about his cases continuously! He was able to take 2 felony DWI w/child down to a misdemeanor. With very little probation. I have also watched him get multiple felonies, along with misdemeanors dismissed. I refer him to anyone that has criminal charges. Great lawyer with compassion and love for his clients! He is very knowledgeable in all aspects!"

- Angela

"I was charged with a felony that I had admitted to, and thought there was no possible way of getting my charges even reduced. Within my first court date Doug got it dropped down to a misdemeanor but refused to take it because he knew he could get it dropped completely. I failed my drug tests on felony bond, so I was sure I was doomed for jail. At my next court date Doug got my whole case dismissed and my 7 weeks in hell were over that quickly! I couldn't believe how diligently him and his team worked on my case to give me such good results after not even 2 months. Would highly recommend him to anyone ever in any kind of legal trouble."

- Previous Client

"If you don't hire Doug you are greatly reducing your chances of winning. His aggressiveness in the courtroom puts the prosecutors on their heels; it's truly something to watch. In our case even with what the DA thought was a open and shut case the verdict of NOT GUILTY rang out. Thank You Doug"

- Mark

"I would highly recommend Doug and his team to anyone. Very impressed with the sense of urgency and determination through out the process. Everyone is patient and very respectful and truly care about the outcome of your situation! Great hearted people!"

- Previous Client

"Doug represented me in a felony family violence case where I had been unjustly charged with such a significant crime. This conviction could have followed me for life. I was going to be kicked out of the delayed entry program for the armed services, renting an apartment was no longer afforded to me simply because of the nature of the crime. Doug was relentless with the DA, and he ultimately got the charges dismissed with only 40 hours of community service. He did this on our FIRST court date. Now I am able to expunge it from my record and get on with my life. I can't recommend him highly enough."

- Previous Client

"I hired Doug Atkinson in June of 2016 after receiving a DWI in Harris County. He alongside Jed Silverman (based in Houston) teamed up on my case. Being that I am a commercial driver this was essentially a felony case! They went over every single minute detail with a fine tooth comb and were ultimately able to get my case dismissed. I am grateful to both Doug and Jed for all the hard work they put into my case and saved my career! I would most definitely recommend Mr. Atkinson."


"I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Doug and his staff. He truly pulled a rabbit out of his hat on my case. The best I was expecting was one year probation, a fine + court costs, an Interlock on my vehicle, community service, monthly urine test, AA classes, DWI Impact class. With two priors on my record, and facing a 2nd DWI, he was able to get it reduced to the 1st DWI penalty. Then at sentencing, he was able to get it reduced again to only a fine + court costs! No probation, no Interlock, no community service, no classes, (each of which has monthly fees)! The results were excellent! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney."

- Previous Client

"Doug and Matthew exceeded my expectations with my case and was able to deliver the best possible outcome.. Because of his wealth of experience and knowledge of how to work the system, Doug worked out a positive outcome to a perilous case in which I could have received a variety of punishments. What Doug was able to do made hiring him well worth it. Have no doubt that you will receive the best care when hiring this firm. His office staff is also very friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful."

- Previous Client

"My son was facing 2-4 years in TDC for his 4th DWI. Doug fought for us till the end. My son received probation and DWI Court. He will receive much needed counseling and support to aid him in conquering this addiction. Many thanks to Doug."

- Previous Client

"Doug Atkinson was professional and thorough. I felt that he was committed to exploring all options and helping my family weigh the choices. What stands out is that he was straight forward. He made sure that we knew where we stood; never "sugar coating" the situation. In that way, we could make informed choices."

- Vivian

"I hired for a DWI case and my case was dismiss wih DPS and Civil Court. He handle my case very professionaly and help me with a payment plan. His paralegal Sylvia was very helpful and politely."

- Carlos

"Attorney and staff were helpful in explaining circumstances and a clear outlook on possibilities. They worked toward their goal to no bill our case and successfully won."

- Rebecca

"Doug and his associates got me the best possible outcome from my situation which I truly didn't even think was possible. Doug was relentless even when i thought we had a good deal, he worked to get me an even better deal. He was able to get a sure felony reduced to a misdemeanor! I can't thank Doug, Matt, Shannon, Silvia and the rest of their team enough. You won't regret hiring Doug as your attorney!"

- GK

"Words can not describe the power Doug posesses in the court room. Even the opposing side mentioned they will keep Dougs name in case they need an attorney. Lol. He is a Rockstar in my opinion. We won our case! I am so glad I was referred to him!"

- RM

"Doug Atkinson is an awesome lawyer!! He was able to assist my husband and I further than we thought possible. I would recommend Doug to any person in need of quality assistance with legal matters."

- Kevin

"No words or expressions can adequately convey the significance of what Doug Atkinson did for our son! His efforts have had, and continue to have, a profound effect on our lives and more importantly on our son’s life.

Because of Doug Atkinson, our son will now have the opportunity to return to society as a productive member. Equally important, he will be able to enjoy the rest of his life being the father, husband and son we all know he is capable of being.

We sincerely and eternally appreciate his sage advice and guidance through a very long, arduous and emotionally demanding experience. Not only is he most adept in knowing what needs to be done, but his speed of processing is truly impressive. Our family is privileged to have had Doug Atkinson represent our son.

We know that the successful conclusion came through your unending considerations, efforts and compassion Doug had for this family. Our son is very lucky to have Doug Atkinson represent him. Because of Doug, our family will now be able to get on with our lives. He is a true professional in every sense of the word."

- Russell

"Attorney Doug Atkinson represented my husband and the interests of our family in a professional, thorough, and prompt manner that reflected the high quality of his education and experience, as he displayed an effectiveness at being well-versed in the law, and worked long hours on behalf of my husband not only as his client, but as a father, husband, and a son to those of us who love him. There was absolutely no judgement or criticism, nor did he ever display a fear of failure. His success is exemplified clearly in his credentials but also by the integrity and character that he projected in every phone call, e-mail, and face to face meeting held with my husband and the members of our family. Attorney Atkinson and those who work at his firm did an impeccable job of maintaining an open-line of communication both in verbal and written form. They spent a great deal of time working in connection with not only my husband, but those of us working for his interests on the outside. It is clear that Attorney Atkinson approaches his career with a passion and a purpose, in a selfless and professional manner that exemplifies his success’ as a Trial Lawyer of the Year, and a five-star attorney in our book!"

- Annie

"I came to Doug Atkinson one year ago. I was really nervous and frustrated with the situation and he put me and my entire family at ease immediately. We had interviewed several lawyers but they just didn't compare to Doug. We all walked out his office confident, hopeful and even more educated. Doug never made any grandiose promises- he was a straight shooter from the beginning. Over the next few months he was always working hard to win my case and even though I know he had other cases, I felt like I was his only client. He was always professional, courteous and quick to respond to any of my questions no matter what time it was. Doug fought hard and I walked away with amazing results. I walked away with the lightest sentence I could have possibly received! I highly recommend Douglas Atkinson. He is the the best defense lawyer in Texas."

- Jay

"I am a young professional and Doug helped me in my time of need. He lowered my charges and was able to get me deferred. He saw potential in me and believed that I would stay straight, finishing all that was required of me. I will forever be grateful. Thank you Doug!"

- Previous Client

"Doug was truly a god send for us. We were in desperate need of a lawyer about a year ago. My husband was driving around Conroe and out of all the attorney's offices around there he came upon Doug's first. Im am so glad he did..in my opinion Doug is the best out there. He went above and beyond to get us the results we were hoping for. He was straight forward about everything and never sugar coated anything, which to me is a great quality in a lawyer. He always kept us up to date on any changes in our case. He even sent text messages just to see how we were holding up through out our case. And his associates Shannon and Sylvia were two of the sweetest women i have ever met. We are so greatful to Doug and his team for taking on our case. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends. Thank you so much Doug...may god bless you and your family."

- Candace

"If you are a professional and need the best representation possible for any accusation or arrest, this is the man for the job. I needed fast and effective representation. He took the case and resolved all the issues in avery fast and effective way. He is very personable and a great listener. He understands the clients need and takes it to heart to represent you. I am extremely pleased with the results and has allowed me to put the bad times behind me quickly."

- Previous Client

"Douglas did everything he told me he would do to defend me. He seems to know everyone in the courtroom and works the room to get the fairest outcome for his clients. In my case, he patiently waited until he had the right group of people in the court to get the outcome we had hoped for."

- Don

"Doug and his team are exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. They are always prompt with answering all of my questions and concerns. I sincerely appreciate all of the help and professionalism shown by your firm."

- Lacey

"I found Doug when I was online looking for an attorney. Almost every attorney had a few bad reviews about them but when I found Doug all I read were great things. By retaining his services I found the reviews to be quite accurate. He was able to get all of my charges dismissed and the case dropped and I feel no other attorney would've been able to do that. He is caring, intelligent, funny, and the greatest attorney I've ever met. He gets things done quickly so you don't have unnecessary charges or expensive court dates lingering on for ever. And something I had feared might turn into jail time turned into a dismissal. I hope I never need an attorney again but if I do it will definitely be Doug Atkinson and his highly dedicated team of experts he has working with him."

- Thomas

"Doug Atkinson is an outstanding attorney… He's very knowledgeable and concerned about getting me the best results possible. I was arrested for a “Ridiculous” Assault Charge that had the potential to ruin my career, and I needed an attorney that was aggressive and had past case successes. Doug did an “Outstanding” job getting my case dismissed. I highly recommend Doug Atkinson to anyone that needs legal representation."


"Doug did an incredible job working on this case. He was adamant, understanding, hardworking, and cared about the case and about me. He gave great advice and laid out facts in a frank, honest manner so that I could make the best decisions. He was able to do the seemingly impossible with my case, and I am so grateful for his hard work. He took a sentence that should have been far worse and turned it into something that I could still have a good, prosperous life with, despite the odds. I would highly recommend him for any DWI case."

- MC

"Doug did a wonderful job representing me. He kept me informed and I always felt as if he was aggressive and made sure he didn't settle on my behalf. I would recommend Doug to friends and family. I truly feel like I received the best outcome for my situation and without Dougs representation I don't believe I'd have gotten the same results. Thank you Doug."

- Previous Client

"Doug fought tirelessly reviewing my case and although he was prepared to go to trial, reached a settlement beforehand that I am VERY happy with. Doug will put in the time and energy that it takes to properly review your case and fight for your defense. I have had nothing, but positive experiences after dealing with his entire team."

- Nathan

"FIRST CLASS! Doug was the first attorney to respond to my call in order to retain counsel. He displayed concern and willingness to help from the beginning. He laid out a well thought out plan and executed it to a "T". I was most impressed with Doug's professionalism and time management. He took my particular situation head on and dealt with the facts and coached me. He is completely transparent and truly cared about the results. Doug's knows his craft and knows it well. I would recommend Doug to anyone who cared about their future."

- Previous Clients

"Mr. Atkinson is a winner. I got my 1st DWI and I was worried about my record. In our introduction meeting he told me he would get it dropped or win in trail. After one pretrial reset my case was dismissed! I couldn't ask for a better lawyer , and his team is very friendly and helpful as well."

- Previous Client

"Caring, Relentless, Results Oriented, Honest and a straight shooting organization. I could go on an on but Doug Atkinson and his Associates, Shannon and Sylvia to name a few, without a doubt get results for their clients. They not only represent you the way they would want to be represented themselves, they actually care for every single one of their clientele.

I was charged with a Felony DWI and originally retained council with another firm. They told me something I couldn't accept. The best they could get me was 2-4 years in TDC. Something just wasn't right. I thought about it but something told me something could be done. Two week before I was to go back to court and plea, my better half emailed me with Doug's contact information and told me to call and talk to him. She's a Counselor and Doug was highly recommended to her. I had nothing to lose.
After my original interview with Doug, I knew I could trust him and more than that, I knew he was the one who could change my fate. I asked Doug to represent me. I knew he didn't need or for that matter really want my case, but I needed him. He thought for a few minutes and said he'd take it.
The rest is history. Not only did Doug and his Associates get the courts offer lowered from 4 years, but changed to acceptance into the DWI Court 1 Year Program. That's not a home run, that's a grand slam in my book!

If you're facing serious misdemeanor or felony charges, you can't afford to shop around like I did. You need the best possible representation available to you. You need to call Doug Atkinson and Associates. You won't be sorry if you do, but you might be if you don't. Trust me. I almost was.
Doug's Office is the Top Gun Firm in Montgomery County. Thanks again Doug and All. You guys saved my family and me years of heartache. You guys ROCK!!!!!!"

- Robert

"We found ourselves victims of an overzealous poorly trained police officer. Mr. Atkinson saw us quickly and went to work immediately. You could just tell that it really bothered him what we were going thru. He is truly in the fight with you. He knows the Montgomery County system well and is well respected. Cannot recommend him highly enough."

- Michael

"Doug Atkinson and all of his associates are among the Finest group of Parralegals in Conroe. If you want someone who will fight hard and stay in contact with you throughout everything, Doug is your man. He's more than just some attorney with great ratings. He is a exceptional Attorney with extremely high standards and is looking for only the best results and outcomes for his clients. When I met Doug he said he wasn't the cheapest, but he was the best and he did exactly what he said he would do. He was able to get my felony case resolved to where I will be able to have all charges taken off of my record permanently. That is life changing. Needless to say I am greatful for meeting Doug and his team and would recommend him to anyone in Conroe and the Montgomery Area. He's a great attorney."

- Previous Client

"Doug Atkinson handled my case with the upmost professionalism, honesty and diligence. His very helpful and friendly staff made the process completely painless. My case was dismissed with minimal appearances and inconvenience. I would recommend him and his firm without hesitation."

- Jonathan

"Great attorney and staff. He stayed on top of my case and his secretary always kept me informed of my court dates. Couldn't be happier and he got my case dismissed. I would recommend him time again. Hopefully I won't need an attorney again, but if I do he is where I will go.

- Morgan

"Doug Atkinson and his firm were referred to me for a very serious case that I had four years ago. I was looking at serious time and he somehow was able to get the case dismissed. Here recently two more charges were brought up and Doug and his team were able to get those charges dropped too. I can't tell you how great-full I am for his help. I would not recommend any other lawyer than Douglas Atkinson. He is THE home run hitter!!"

- Previous Client

"I have never had an experience with a lawyer other than divorce. My daughter got in legal trouble and Mr. Atkinson was there for her. He got her off her charge and was wonderful about it. We even got a hug at the end. I highly recommend him."

- Tracey

"Words can't even describe my experience with Doug Atkinson and his Firm. Doug, his wife, and his team did an amazing on my case. They worked very hard to get the results that we got!! It was when Doug told me that he was losing sleep over my case that I knew he truly cares about his clients and their well being. My family and I truly appreciate What Doug Atkinson and his team did for us. I highly recommend the Atkinson Law Firm to anyone seeking legal help. Thanks again!!"

- Mitchell

"Me and my husband hired Douglas Atkinson for our lawyer knowing our case was different and very serious. Douglas and his team did an amazing job with this case, he did what we thought was the impossible! Douglas is a very skilled man and knows his stuff, plus he has an amazing team behind him! We were scared to death with this case being a 3d degree felony and with his amazing work and skills he got the case dropped and finished that day with us leaving out with just a $500.00 fine when it could have been 2-10 years in prison. He saved me and my family that day! We was able to continue living our life with our beautiful children and nothing on our shoulders anymore! I would highly recommend Douglas Atkinson to anyone who needs that type of help, he will put the hammer on it and get you taking care of! Him and his team made us feel like we were part of their family, that is how hard he will fight for you!! So dont second guess it, hire him and put your faith in him and he will show you what amazing things he can do for you! Thank you again Douglas Atkinson! You are our hero!"

- Mariaha

"At a younger age I went through what I would call a rebelious spell. I took partying more serious than school, life, family and anything else you can think of that should be the most dear to your heart. To sum things up, I got into trouble with the law. One run in after another. Dough successfully dismissed majority of my cases and the ones he could not get dismissed were reduced to the lowest possible outcome. He saved my record, he saved my family the heartache of seeing me in prison, and he saved my life. I cannot thank him more for what he has done and the family friend he has been. Thank you Doug, I recommend this guy 100% of the time because he has always done what he said he would do."

- Andrew

"Doug assisted us in a possession of marijuana charge that our son received. He was "game on" at all times and made the process as stress free as it could of been. Charges were dismissed!!!!!"

- Previous Client

"Mr. Atkinson was very efficient in dealing with this case, he was very direct and never gave me false expectations during the whole process. I would recommend him."

- Previous Client

"If you are in trouble and looking for the best attorney to ensure your rights are protected and preserved contact Mr. Atkinson. My family recently engaged Mr. Atkinson in a criminal case and we couldn't ask for a better result. Mr. Atkinson is professional, engaging, smart and is intensely focused on obtaining the best results for his clients."

- Previous Client

"I was facing VERY serious charges, Doug and his team stood beside me throughout the entire process! In the end Doug kept me out of jail and got me my life back! If you have to put your life in the hands of a defense attorney, Doug Atkinson is your man."

- CW

"I believe the Montgomery County court system like all court systems is a racket. Its all about the money. The number of arrests is incredible high. The people that don't hire the brilliant lawyers like Doug pay the fees and serve the time to Montgomery County. Doug and the rest of the very close group of lawyers in Montgomery county are paid to help the rest of us avoid that very harsh reality of jail and ridiculous fees. Doug is very good at what he dose. I could not be happier with the final outcome. It is, in my case, truly unfortunate that it I needed to go through the last year and a half dealing with something that should have never gone to court, nor should I never had to be put into the county jail for that 8 hour period of time. But I did and I appreciate Doug for setting the record straight."

- Previous Client

"I've had unfortunate experiences with some lawyers. That has not been the case with Doug Atkinson. Mr. Atkinson and his legal team have been terrific! Doug is a special combination of humility, intelligence, and confidence. He did what he said he'd do, when he said he'd do it, for what he said he'd charge. His efforts have helped me keep a clean record."

- Previous Client

"Very, very pleased with the professionalism and kind spirit Mr. Atkinson had. He took care of business in a professional way. He got my case dismissed. I highly recommend Mr. Atkinson for your attorney."

- KT

"It seems to me he is the smartest guy in the room where ever he is, which is what you want to obtain the best outcome possible. It was my 2nd Dwi, but Mr Douglas Atkinson said not to worry to much, because he resolves most of his cases without going to trial. He negotiated it down to a first Dwi with minor penalties, without a trial. He and his staff accomplished more than I could have ever expected. Without their help it could have been very bad."

- Mike

"Douglas Atkinson and his team far exceeded my expectations. They walked us through every step. Told us what to do on our own to help our case. They fought for and acquired the best outcome for our case. I highly recommend this law firm."

- Deborah

"Doug Atkinson is an incredible attorney. I had an extremely challenging and difficult case and he was able to get a DWI conviction down to a lesser charge of obstruction of highway. His skills, experience and tremendous amount of knowledge showed through in every meeting. Doug is a very positive individual, he doesn’t beat around the bush, and he is upfront, honest and informed me every step of the way of possible outcomes. He is very professional and definitely a fighter in the court room. Doug did a lot of hard work and found every conceivable error in order to defend my case. Doug and his team were exceptional and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

- Previous Client

"Doug was great! I had two charges; one major charged which he got dropped. I ended up with a very happy result & no fees at the end, no probation & my life back!"

- Michael

"Doug Atkinson and his team did an absolutely amazing job for me! I can not recommend him highly enough! I truly feel like any other lawyer would have just taken a deal that was given and would have been done with my case. Mr. Atkinson refused to do that and continuously worked extremely hard to prove my innocence in which he was 100% successful in doing. I can not tell you how much confidence I have in he and his team! I went through a great deal of stress in this situation and can not tell you how good it felt to have my case dismissed through his hard work. Again he is absolutely amazing! I will from this day forward recommend him to anyone that I know that needs help. I feel very strongly that he is the very best that there is! Do not waste time looking for another attorney."

- Previous Client

"Doug is the best I was looking at a second offense and with his knowledge got all charges dropped if you need a lawyer to stand behind you all the way and give you 100 precent then don't waste your time looking around Doug and his team will take care of you I am very pleased with my outcome."


"I had a struggling case, and with a previous background of different charge dismissals on my record, it was a lot tougher to get this DWI taken care of. Doug found every possible flaw in this case and a few days before trial, it got dismissed with a lesser charge of Wreckless Driving. Two thumbs up."

- SD

"The charges against my daughter were very serious. Knowing how diligently the DA in Montgomery County prosecutes even first time offenders had me very concerned about the outcome of her case. Doug remained positive and supportive about reducing the charges at the very least. I wanted to believe that this would happen but her case involved another party and his participation in the matter. Doug had to deal with his lawyer and the DA - It could have been a nightmare. Doug kept us informed of the steps he was taking throughout the process and made my daughter feel as comfortable as possible. At the last hearing date I kept repeating my mantra of "misdemeanor or less" and they walked out of that courtroom with the biggest smiles saying the case had been dismissed!! YES! My daughter's nightmare was over and she will be able to have the whole case expunged! Now THAT is an excellent conclusion and I highly recommend Douglas Wayne Atkinson! I can't thank him enough!!"

- Previous Client

"He's the Man! He managed to have my charges dropped without my having to go to jail! What could be better? I do wish that he had touched bases a little more often since the process took a while."

- Previous Client

"I went into Mr. Atkinson's office not knowing what to expect. After visiting with him, regarding the charge against me, it did not take long for me to realize that I was in good hands. Mr. Atkinson was always honest, upfront, and professional. He is definitely a man of integrity and he is very personable. He also has a very friendly staff who worked diligently in keeping me informed of the progress of my case. With that being said my case was dismissed. I was blessed to have had him represent me and would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking representation in Montgomery County. Thanks again Mr. Atkinson."

- DW

"I am fortunate to have found Doug Atkinson to represent me for the charge of DWI. Mr. Atkinson and his team’s experience and understanding of the law, process, and options allowed for great advice. He has certainly pushed toward a favorable outcome that might not have been achieved otherwise. Thank you."

- Prevous Client

"When I needed to hire an attorney, I reached out to a trusted attorney friend for a recommendation. The number one attorney that he and his attorney colleagues recommended was Doug Atkinson. The recommendation/feedback on Doug and his firm was outstanding. During our initial meeting, Doug confidently explained all options, potential and desired outcomes, timelines, and next steps. After the initial meeting, I knew I had made the correct decision to hire Doug. Doug fully committed himself and his experienced team to achieve the desired outcome. At all times during the process, he and his experienced/dedicated team kept me informed and guided me successfully thru the complex legal system. The end results we strived for were achieved. I and many others highly recommend the expert and dedicated legal team of Doug Atkinson and Associates."

- Previous

"I met Mr. Atkinson over a year ago. He represented my son successfully when he was charged with a felony drug possession case. He got the charges reduced. He was honest and upfront with us about all our possible options. A part of it involved immigration matters as well and we were referred to a very competent immigration attorney to make sure we were making the best decisions. Because of Mr. Atkinson my son has his life back. He basically knows the inside and out of the criminal law business. He is easy to reach and will always get back to you even if he was in court. He is simply the best and we could not have asked for any better."

- Karen

"Doug is amazing. When I was arrested and charged with assault-family violence, I was scared to death. I had never been charged with such a crime before and I didn't know where to turn. I talked to one attorney who wanted $10k to represent me and I almost threw up. Then, a friend recommended Doug. When I went to meet with him, he calmed all my fears almost instantly. He is a bulldog who knows the system, how it works and the weaknesses of the people running it. He told me he couldn't promise me anything, but in the end, I was more than happy with my result - dismissal. He always gave me choices when it came to strategy but also gave his advice. I never felt like he was pushing me to do anything. He answered all my questions, in the office and via text message, and he gave me a big hug at the end. I trusted Doug to represent me in a case that could have ruined my life. I would never trust anyone but him if I had to do it again."

- Melissa

"I was a client of Mr. Atkinson. Mr. Atkinson thoroughly explained my options in the initial consultation and I felt comfortable with his knowledge of the law and the process as well as the expectations that he set for my case. Mr. Atkinson advised we go to trial and prepared me for the case. Before we went to trial, the DA offered us a plea and Mr. Atkinson again was very thorough in explaining the consequences of accepting the plea, versus going to trial. He always made sure to let me know I was in command and that I had all the relevant information necessary to make a decision. Most importantly, he was ready to go to trial. I decided to accept the plea, which was a very good deal, which I think came from how firm Mr. Atkinson presented my case before the DA and how ready he was to go to trial. After the plea, Mr. Atkinson explained my possibilities regarding a possible expunction and a motion not to disclose.

Overall, I highly recommend this attorney for anyone with a criminal issue in Montgomery County or anywhere in the Houston area."

- Previous Client

"Possibly if you are reading these reviews you are like us who found ourselves in a precarious situation with little time and knowledge of local defense attorneys. We made two appointments. The first with the only attorney we knew of and 2nd with Doug. The first attorney, upstanding and qualified, but when we asked if we were to go to trial and this were him in our shoes who would he hire? He didn't hesitate, without a doubt he said Doug Atkinson is the best in the area. From the very first meeting, Doug was calm, factual, didn't sugar coat but treated us with utmost respect and was not pushy. He was always accessible when we had questions and took his time in explaining the law in layman's terms. His personal advice reflects his high integrity. He makes it clear his goal is too ultimately clear your name and follow through with expungement if possible. We are very grateful for his service."

- Previous Client

"Doug Atkinson and his team are true professionals. He was upfront, consistent and honest during the whole process. I put my faith on the facts, the law and Doug's ability to bring them to light and Doug and his team excelled. Doug accomplished what I had hired him to do and my expectations were met. I recall the outcome being exactly what Doug spoke to me about at our first meeting. I highly recommend Douglas W. Atkinson!"

- Previous Client

"In 2008 I made the mistake of driving under the influence of alcohol. Although that decision had some serious consequences in my life, there is no doubt in my mind that without Douglas Atkinson representing me, the outcome would have been much worse. Not only does Mr. Atkinson, a well-seasoned attorney, thoroughly understand the intricacies of the legal system, his ability to communicate and assist me in understanding each step of the legal process gave me an unexpected level of comfort. No matter how difficult the journey could have been, I felt secure that Mr. Atkinson had my interest at heart.

Although the long legal journey ended up on a very positive note for me, at no point did I expect such an outcome. The only thing that I expected was that Mr. Atkinson, the attorney that I had interviewed and ultimately hired, would defend me in the best way that he saw fit. I put my trust and faith in him. Mr. Atkinson is a man of his word whose level of expertise and experience is beyond others in his field.

It is without question that I unequivocally recommend Mr. Atkinson as your DWI defense lawyer for the reasons I described and more."

- Previous Client

"I am a grateful attorney. More importantly, I am a grateful sister. Doug represented by brother, who suffers from Schizoaffective Disorder, in two criminal offenses in the past year, including a felony charge. Prison is not a place of treatment. It is not an appropriate place for people with serious mental illnesses. Because of Doug's representation, my brother will be able to get the help he needs. He has a chance for an improved quality of life, rather than facing the deterioration inevitably resulting from incarceration + serious mental illness. My brother is not an easy person. He was not an easy client. But he is loved. As an attorney, and a loving sister, I am grateful to Doug for the quality of the representation he provided. He did not just save my brother from prison. He very well may have saved his life.

Hopefully we will not require his services in the future, but I am glad we were able to receive his services in the past."

- Laurie

"Mr Atkinson took the time to assure me of all my options that i had. He was straight forwardt and honest with me through the entire process. He guided me in making the best decision that was best for me. Going into a trial situation can be a very scary process, but he was right there with me and did his job to the max. He is a professional across the board and will do everything in his power to get you the result you want. If i ever need a solid attorney again i will definately use Mr Atkinson."

- Previous Clients

"My case difficult, complex and seemingly to end in a very bad, life altering result. Mr. Atkinson was reffered to me by my original attorney who - thankfully - was not prideful enough to admit that Doug was the go to man for my type of case in the county it was based in. Doug and his staff were not only very professional but also very diligent, honest and effecient. I will forever be indebted to Mr. Atkinson and his entire staff for their work and subsequent result in my case."

- C.H.

"After first meeting Douglas and his team I realized they were professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable about the law as it pertained to my case. My case had lasted over two years and I was well informed throughout that lengthy process. During this time I got to know Douglas and felt he genuinely cared about my case and the outcome. Doug and his team worked tirelessly to ensure they were well prepared for my case. My case was not any easy case, however with Doug's hard work, vast knowledge of the law and dedication I had won my case and found Not guilty. I would not have entrusted any other attorney to handle my case. I would recommend Atkinson and Associates to friends and family."

- Johnnie

"From our first meeting with Douglas Atkinson to the end of our case we knew we had picked the right lawyer. Doug was knowledgeable, professional and fought hard for us. He represented us on criminal cases in 2 different counties. We would highly recommend him!"

- C & M

"Doug Atkinson recently handled a complex criminal case that had the possibility of severe prison time. Doug was extremely responsive and provided excellent advice. His thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the case and his defense on my behalf got the charges dismissed. His advice was straightforward and he discussed the ramifications of the case directly. Doug provided sound legal advice and his staff was also extremely diligent and professional in all respects."

- Previous Client

"Caring, Relentless, Results Oriented, Honest and a straight shooting organization. I could go on an on but Doug Atkinson and his Associates, Shannon and Sylvia to name a few, without a doubt get results for their clients. They not only represent you the way they would want to be represented themselves, they actually care for every single one of their clientele. I was charged with a Felony DWI and originally retained council with another firm. They told me something I couldn't accept. The best they could get me was 2-4 years in TDC. Something just wasn't right. I thought about it but something told me something could be done. Two week before I was to go back to court and plea, my better half emailed me with Doug's contact information and told me to call and talk to him. She's a Counselor and Doug was highly recommended to her. I had nothing to lose. After my original interview with Doug, I knew I could trust him and more than that, I knew he was the one who could change my fate. I asked Doug to represent me. I knew he didn't need or for that matter really want my case, but I needed him. He thought for a few minutes and said he'd take it. The rest is history. Not only did Doug and his Associates get the courts offer lowered from 4 years, but changed to acceptance into the DWI Court 1 Year Program. That's not a home run, that's a grand slam in my book! If you're facing serious misdemeanor or felony charges, you can't afford to shop around like I did. You need the best possible representation available to you. You need to call Doug Atkinson and Associates. You won't be sorry if you do, but you might be if you don't. Trust me. I almost was. Doug's Office is the Top Gun Firm in Montgomery County. Thanks again Doug and All. You guys saved my family and me years of heartache. You guys ROCK!!!!!!"

- Previous Client

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding work on M's behalf. While this has been a very stressful time for our family, your professionalism, straightforward manner and hard work on the case relieved some of that stress. I felt confident that we had made the right choice in retaining your services. In addition, we would like to thank Shannon for her time and compassionate manner while going through the details of the case."

- Previous Client

"I would like to thank you and the rest of your firm for what you did for my son. May the Lord bless you abundantly. Thanks very much."

- Previous Client

"Just wanna thank you for everything today. Saw how you were like beast today at court. Thanks again buddy for your hard work... keep on rocking god bless you and the family."

- Client facing 5 years in prison for a felony assault charge, with prior assault convinction. Doug negotiated a deferred adjucation (no felony conviction) and no jail or prison time.

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