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Drug Possession for Sale Charges

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Law enforcement bodies do not need to catch an individual in the act of selling drugs to make a drug sales charge. If there is sufficient evidence to suggest the intent to sell. then the charge may indeed be upgraded from drug possession to a much more serious selling charge.

Many factors may be taken into account when proving the individual's intent was to sell. Drug sales paraphernalia such as zip lock bags, additional mobile phones, scales, customer lists may be used against the individual as proof of intent to sell. Other factors may contribute such as possessing drugs in several individual bags, significant cash, weapons or witness statements.

The consequences of a drug possession for sales conviction can be severe. It may be made more severe if the conviction is a repeat offense, or if there exist circumstances such as a firearm also found in possession, or the individual being in close vicinity to a school.

If you have been charged with drug possession for sales it is imperative that you obtain quality legal counsel. Attorney Doug Atkinson can provide you with the strong representation you need. Speak to a Liberty County drug crime lawyer today.

Drug Possession for Sale Defense

There are many legal avenues that must be explored in a drug possession for sale case. Even though several bags of a controlled substance may be for an individual's own consumption, if the circumstances suggest otherwise, the individual may indeed receive a sales charge. A basic principle of our judicial system is, however, that the individual is innocent until proven guilty. If you have been charged with drug possession for sales, you need an attorney who will vigorously defend your case.

Contact a Liberty County drug crime lawyer today if you have been arrested for drug possession.

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