• He goes above and beyond
    Doug helped me out tremendously when I had lost all hope! He goes above and beyond to make sure you stay informed and in good standing while he gets the best possible outcome! Extremely recommended and very happy with his results.

    - Stephen R

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  • They fought for me
    From the first moment I met Doug and his staff, I felt relaxed that I had a team of Attorneys and support staff that were very knowledgeable about my charges. My case was a very difficult case. At every turn it seemed that something else had gone wrong. So much so that I had given up and resigned myself to the distinct possibility of a guilty charge being on my record forever. Doug and his team kept fighting for me even when I had given up on myself. Doug and the team won for me. They did not know me when I walked thru their office for the first time, but still the same they understood the devastating effects of my record being tarnished and so they fought for me. I could never repay Doug Atkinson and team for what they did for me, but if you need serious help with your criminal legal matters, I cannot imagine anyone fighting harder for your cause than the Doug Atkinson Team. When you do team up with Doug, trust what he tells you.

    - Stewart P

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  • I owe this man my life
    All I can say about Douglas Atkinson, is wow. Just wow. I was charged with a first degree felony in Conroe, and I was involved in a 7-hour SWAT team standoff. When Doug was hired, he came off as very professional right from the start. He told me on our first meeting that he wanted this charge dismissed. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Doug went in on my first court date, and asked for dismissal. They didn’t dismiss the charge the first date, but by my second court date, Doug got them to dismiss my case! WOW! I couldn’t believe my ears. This man, Douglas Atkinson, is just outstanding. I mean that in every way I can. From the professionalism, to being there for me every step of the way. He was always informative, straight forward, and made himself available to me at all times. I felt like his only client, although he had many more. That’s how much he cared about my case. If you find yourself in a legal situation, that can have detrimental effects on your life, he is no doubt the man to see. Recommending any other attorney than Doug Atkinson would just be reckless. I owe this man my life, and I mean that quite literally, because my charge carried a possible life sentence! DISMISSED! I am very happy I had a chance to meet Doug, and not only was he my attorney, but I am proud to call him my friend. Thank you Doug, and God bless you.

    - Ryan R

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  • He will give you his all and will work incredibly hard
    The best decision I made was hiring Douglas Atkinson. I risked losing my career and freedom. I hired Doug because my first attorney wanted me to plea guilty. He looked out for my best interest from the start. He is an expert on criminal law and fought for me all the way through trial which he won! Later when I needed assistance again, I didn’t hesitate to give him a call. His highly strategic and tenacious approach to my second case resulted in a dismissal, and without a trial. Doug’s reputation as being the best is truly accurate. He will give you his all and will work incredibly hard to try to achieve the best results for you. He is professional and personable and makes himself available 24/7 by text. I cannot say enough about how truly grateful I am that I chose Doug to be my lawyer. He cared about what happened to me, he kept me informed throughout the process, and he achieved the outcomes I was hoping for and needing. Once you have been through the fire with someone you know who they are and he will give you his all. I consider him not only my lawyer but my friend.

    - Robert T.

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  • I highly recommend Mr. Atkinson‚Äôs firm
    From the beginning processes of my case, to the end. The entire law firm devoted themselves entirely to achieve the best possible outcome for my case. I can’t thank Doug, Mike, Shannon, and Silvia enough. I highly recommend Mr. Atkinson’s firm to anyone seeking a professional legal council.

    - James L

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  • Highly recommend this law firm
    Highly recommend this law firm. Mr.. Akinson and his partners were extremely professional and polite. I live in DallasCounty and they represented me in Montgomery County with no problem. They promised a dismissal and expunge on my case and delivered. You could see the respect they receive in the courtroom. They even worked out a payment plan for me. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Mr. Atkinson .

    - Johnny G

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  • Doug helped me and my family
    Doug Atkinson’ s Law Firm is out of a John Grisham novel. He is high energy, competent, and becomes your hero. Doug helped me and my family extremely in a very precarious time, always be grateful and it’s good to know someone who will fight for you. Thanks to everybody at the firm especially Doug and Sylvia.

    - Timothy S

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  • Very impressed and amazed
    Wow! Very impressed and amazed with Douglas Atkinson and his team. They went above and beyond for me in my case. They’ve saved me a lot heartache and agony. I can not thank them enough. Definitely, worth the money. If your looking for a good lawyer who actually cares hire his team!

    - Dina A

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  • This attorney and his staff are 10 star!
    Doug Atkinson and his staff deserve a 10 star but unfortunately five was as many as I the system allowed. This fine man and his team brought justice to me and I will forever be in his debt. Doug Atkinson is a very intelligent caring professional that I only hopped I would find. He made solid decissions which allowed me to obtain the best possible outcome and I want to STRONGLY suggest you allow him to do the same for you. You owe it to yourself. If I could only find one word to describe Doug and his team it would be "great"! Gob bless, Actual Client!

    - James K.

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  • I cannot tell you how much confidence I have in he and his team!
    Words can't even describe my experience with Doug Atkinson and his Firm. Doug, his wife, and his team did an amazing job on my case. They worked very hard to get the results that we got!! Shortly after Doug took on my case he got it early terminated!! I then had another case that I hired Doug on and he got it dismissed immediately. It was when Doug told me that he was losing sleep over my case that I knew he truly cares about his clients and their well being. My family and I truly appreciate What Doug Atkinson and his team did for us. I highly recommend the Atkinson Law Firm to anyone seeking legal help. Thanks again!!

    - Mitchell B.

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  • After my original interview with Doug, I knew I could trust him and more than that, I knew he was the one who could change my fate.

    Caring, Relentless, Results Oriented, Honest and a straight shooting organization. I could go on an on but Doug Atkinson and his Associates, Shannon and Sylvia to name a few, without a doubt get results for their clients. They not only represent you the way they would want to be represented themselves, they actually care for every single one of their clientele.

    I was charged with a Felony DWI and originally retained council with another firm. They told me something I couldn't accept. The best they could get me was 2-4 years in TDC. Something just wasn't right. I thought about it but something told me something could be done. Two week before I was to go back to court and plea, my better half emailed me with Doug's contact information and told me to call and talk to him. She's a Counselor and Doug was highly recommended to her. I had nothing to lose.
    After my original interview with Doug, I knew I could trust him and more than that, I knew he was the one who could change my fate. I asked Doug to represent me. I knew he didn't need or for that matter really want my case, but I needed him. He thought for a few minutes and said he'd take it.
    The rest is history. Not only did Doug and his Associates get the courts offer lowered from 4 years, but changed to acceptance into the DWI Court 1 Year Program. That's not a home run, that's a grand slam in my book!

    If you're facing serious misdemeanor or felony charges, you can't afford to shop around like I did. You need the best possible representation available to you. You need to call Doug Atkinson and Associates. You won't be sorry if you do, but you might be if you don't. Trust me. I almost was.
    Doug's Office is the Top Gun Firm in Montgomery County. Thanks again Doug and All. You guys saved my family and me years of heartache. You guys ROCK!!!!!!

    - Robert

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