Four Ways to Reduce Your Chances of a Holiday DWI

While the holidays can be a time of family fun and yuletide cheer, this time of year can bring an unwanted side effect in the form of a spike in the number of drunk drivers on the roads. As people attend holiday parties and other social gatherings, many people make the choice to get behind the wheel with alcohol in their system, exposing them to the possibility of an untimely holiday DWI arrest. If you are planning on drinking this holiday season, our firm has put together some tips that can help you stay safe and reduce your chances of being charged with DWI.

  1. Abstain from drinking: It goes without saying that if you do not drink, you cannot be charged with DWI! Remember, you do not have to drink in order to have a good time. Instead of a cocktail, have an energy drink, soda, or "mocktail" as an alternative.
  2. Arrange a safe ride home: If you are under the influence of alcohol, do not get behind the wheel of your car! Get a ride from a friend, call a cab, use Uber or Lyft, take a train, or stay where you are until you have sobered up. Whatever you pay in the form of cab fares or hotel costs will be worth it if it ensures your safety. A $20 fee for a ride home is always preferable to the several thousands of dollars you would have to pay in fines for a DWI.
  3. Drink responsibly: If you do plan on drinking, make sure you do so responsibly in order to stay under the legal limit and only get behind the wheel if you are absolutely sure you are sober enough to get yourself to your destination safely. Do not chug your drinks, drink on an empty stomach, or drink more than you can handle. Make sure you have plenty of food and water in your system to compensate for the effects of alcohol.
  4. Drive safely: If you are driving to your destination, obey all traffic laws and make sure your vehicle is properly maintained. If a patrolling officer sees you run through a stop sign or notices you have a busted tail light, you will stick out from the crowd and give them a reason to stop you. If you have been drinking, you could find yourself in hot water.

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