What If I Was Arrested for DWI While Visiting Texas?

Being arrested for DWI can be a very embarrassing, yet frightening experience, particularly for individuals who are only visiting Texas from out of state. In cases like these, it is rare that the accused has any family and friends who can provide them with compassionate support or get them connected up with the local, legal community.

If you are an out-of-state driver who has been arrested for driving while intoxicated, you may be wondering how to find a Montgomery County DWI attorney who you can trust will represent your interests and provide you with the aggressive representation you need to avoid criminal conviction.

Help for Out of State Defendants

Douglas W. Atkinson, Attorney at Law is a seasoned DWI attorney with more than 15 years of criminal defense experience. He understands the broad ramifications that go along with out-of-state DWI charges and penalties, so is committed to using his vast knowledge and skills to reduce the penalties his clients stand to face. As Texas is a member of the Interstate Driver's License Compact, it is very likely that a DWI conviction here in Texas could also lead to a license suspension in your home state.

With his counsel, you stand a much greater chance of being able to avoid conviction and the loss of your driving privileges. No matter the questions you have, he will take to time to understand your situation and provide you with the answers you seek. If you are facing out-of-state DWI charges in Texas, do not leave your future up to chance. Contact Attorney Atkinson and learn more about the steps which can be taken in your defense.